About Us

About Us

OUR MISSION is to build a global, diverse and dynamic community of trade members, partners and destinations, who share, and are driven by, a collective passion for sustainable, positive impact tourism, that enrich the lives of both visitors and the host communities

Inspire Global is a collective voice for positive impact tourism around the world

An African proverb says ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ in recognition of the community required to build each other up. I believe as a travel community we can come together to grow tourism sustainably, whilst consciously safeguarding the natural world and our inspirational communities for future generations.

Join the Inspire Global village today, grow your business and become part of the collective voice for positive impact tourism!

Byron Shirto

Who we are

Inspire Global is a privately held, for-profit industry trade community that serves to inform, communicate, and promote ethical and positive impact travel. We believe travel, when done responsibly, safely and respectfully, can be a catalyst for positive change for communities, the environment, wildlife, and culture.

Established in 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, Inspire Global currently serves a growing membership of suppliers, destinations, outbound Tour Operators, Agents, media and industry partners, with a vested interest in positive impact tourism.

We uphold community guiding principles, but do not certify or regulate our members. All members sign our Guiding Principles.

Our goals

  • Our primary goal is to help your business grow and give you access to a global travel community of positive impact travel champions
  • To drive positive awareness and sustainable growth for emerging and established destinations
  • To provide year-round business interaction opportunities, insights and resources, business promotional solutions, and access to relevant media
  • To offer expertise and a unique understanding of advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion in the travel industry
  • To collaborate by sharing best practice
  • To encourage, educate, equip and mentor innovative social enterprises
  • To promote understanding of tourism as a vital contributor in creating socio-cultural, environmental and economic benefits for destinations and its people around the globe

Why join as a member?

    • Grow your business through networking, partnerships, and resources
    • Gain valuable industry knowledge through online courses, webinars, in person training, and events
    • Access research reports about positive impact tourism
    • Your investment in Inspire Global helps us to pursue initiatives to drive industry-wide growth in sustainable, positive impact tourism practices
Positive Impact Tourism

We believe positive impact tourism is to enrich the lives of both visitors and the host communities, enabling the positive regeneration and symbiosis between all peoples and the natural world

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