4 Key Success Strategies of Hotels Reducing Single-Use Plastic


We´ve worked in single-use plastic reduction with hotels since 2011, way before it was on the agenda of businesses, governments and the general public in the way that it is today.

In 2018, the year that “single-use” became the Collins English Dictionary word of the year we saw a significant increase in the demand for our tools to help hotels and accommodation providers reduce or eliminate single-use plastic products. Since then, we have worked with hotels of all different styles and size that welcome a variety of customer demographics from package holidays to eco-lodges and luxury holidays to business trips.

Over this time, we have observed a number of recurring traits that are common amongst those businesses who are achieving success with their plastic reduction strategies.

The overarching reason for success is actually quite simple – they really, really mean it.

They truly believe that single-use plastic has no place in their business and they are proactively doing everything they can to change to processes and procedures that reduce waste.

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